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Market Research

The number one reason businesses fail is because of no need in the market. Market research will identify what products or services will increase chances of success.

Business Plan

As the foundation to every business, business plans provide a detailed outline to the business’s growth and success strategy. An effective business plan significantly increases the chances of success.

Pitch Deck

Cash flow issues cause many businesses to fail, and many owners do not have necessary information organized to obtain financial support. An effective pitch deck will organize data to aid in receiving the necessary support.

Business Consulting

An important element to the success of a business on constant support. Our consulting will outline strategies that can be used to increase market share.

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Welcome To The Startup Buddy LLC

Due to the ever-changing nature of business operations and what processes are necessary to ensure success, many elements to running a business require a high level of attention to detail. Critical aspects to operating a business are to understand the target market, identify what trends are currently happening in the market, and deciding what products are most likely to sell. Market research helps understand customer’s needs, adapt to new concepts entering the market, and envision what the competition is doing to obtain market share. The mission of The Startup Buddy is to be an all-inclusive resource for entrepreneurs looking to stay a step ahead of the competition, create a business structure that streamlines efficiency, and secure financial stability.

We are The Startup Buddy

Although our primary expertise lies within the business startup process and implementing a foundation from the beginning, we also have knowledge and expertise in helping businesses that have been in business for years and are looking to identify new opportunities to grow and expand. We are available for businesses of all sizes, and all industries!

Explore Our Services

The services of The Startup Buddy are designed to educate entrepreneurs on business operations that will provide the greatest return on investment. As fellow Entrepreneurs, we understand the confusion and requirements that encompass being a business owner. That’s why we are here to help! Check out how our services can help your business get rolling!

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"Great communication and easy to work with. I have never done this before and Kasey knew what I needed even when I didn't know.”

"Excellent !!! Best of the Best !!! We are happy with the result, we've got to learn the whole industry in just 30 mins of reading. Saved us a lot of time and $$$, it was a very nicely done project. Truly appreciated your efficiency, your effort and your knowledge !!! Keep it up, Kasey !!!”

"Excellent work all around. Very professional and collaborative. Well done!”

"Kasey did an amazing job with helping my organization complete its business plan! I provided certain guidelines that needed to be included in the plan and Kasey being so detail oriented made sure all the information was included. He is extremely knowledgeable in business plan writing and will help your idea come alive. He is very easy to communicate with and receptive to any feedback that will get immediately incorporated into the business plan. I highly recommend him if your looking for a business plan with thorough business analysis that’s well-written and accurately researched specific to your industry."

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